pyroworks international

West Point Bldg. 979
V. Rama Avenue, Guadalupe
Cebu City, Philippines, 6014




Pyroworks has been producing some of the grandest and most recognizable pyrotechnic shows in the history of Cebu.

With Pyroworks, you do not just buy fireworks; you are getting a multitude of experience and artistic design. We take pride in our passion for perfection that we like to think we are more than just pyrotechnicians, but also artistic innovators. Pyroworks continuously pursues with passion the skills required to distinguish themselves at the summit of the pyrotechnical arts.


Meet the staff


Brian Lim — President
Brian's love for fireworks has started at an early age.  Growing up in San Diego, California, he would always get to witness the best fireworks show.


Marty Jazz Legaspi-  Sales Executive/Pyrotechnician, He values loyalty, Trust and good relationaship to his clients.


SANNY  FERNANDEZ-LEAD TECHNICIAN, His been with us for  decade, he executed the Pyroworks history  of  events.



PYROWORKS has mastered the art of pyrotechnics and elevated Philippine Pyrotechnics to a higher standard of quality. The company has without a doubt set the benchmark as it produces more than 100 fireworks displays a year, definitely making a mark of excellence for Pyrotechnics in the Philippines.

Our team believes that it is our innovation, customer service, passion, and performance that sets us apart from other fireworks display provider.

Furthermore our staff are well trained and valued  professionalism  and   teamwork to meet the objectives of our clients.

Therefore, whether it be a simple celebration or an out of this world concept.

PYROWORKS guarantees to deliver a safe and sensational pyrotechnic show. Leaving a lasting impression on your audience!



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